12 January, 2021
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Inauguration of the new Ophthalmology Surgery Unit in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

We have completed the new Ophthalmology Surgery Unit in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. The new facility is a pioneering installation in a public hospital in terms of  […]
2 July, 2020

Our thoughts on the involvement of COVID-19 in nursing homes, at HOSPITECNIA

Hospitecnia has shared our thoughts from Estudi PSP Arquitectura on how the crisis caused by Covid-19 is affecting the design for existing and new nursing homes. […]
12 June, 2020
Grupo Via

WEBINAR: The future of the Nursing homes and Senior Centers

We have recently participated in the Architecture Webinar organized by Grupo Via about “The Future of Nursing Homes and Senior Centers”, where Clara Rius Sambeat, partnet […]
26 February, 2020
El Periodico 2

The latest technology takes hold in Catalan hospitals

Last week the Global Competitiveness Index was presented by the World Economic Forum. Spain obtained the highest score in Healthcare. This index evaluates a country not […]
19 February, 2020
Congres fusta


Ramon Torrents i Pairó, architect and partner in Estudi PSP Arquitectura, was a speaker at at the Timber Construction Congress held last week in Barcelona, where […]
17 February, 2020

WE MAKE LIFE (FEM VIDA) at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

Last Thursday, we had the honor of participating in the organization and debate of the second day of 2020 of the Cycle Les Dones Fem, led […]
23 April, 2019
El Pais Cuidar además de curar

El País. Curing and Caring

Humanizing health care, putting yourself in the shoes of patients to improve processes and services that make their stay pleasant, but above all human, has become […]