10 January, 2024
RS_Kick off

Why do we investigate?

“The word ‘inhabit’ points to something inevitable for human beings. There is no person who does not inhabit, and there is no moment when one does […]
10 January, 2024

Mission, function, and values

· Generation of knowledge: We promote scientific and technological research, both nationally and internationally, and any supportive activities aimed at scientific advancement and the improvement of people’s quality of […]
10 January, 2024
Base scientific dissemination

Scientific dissemination

«Engaging in dialogue with Dr. Félix Castillo Salinas regarding being born and growing up while feeling “At Home” in the Neonatology Department of Vall d’Hebron University […]
10 January, 2024

Approaching to «neuroarchitecture»

The history of «neuroarchitecture» dates back to the 1950s with Jonas Salk, a virologist in search of the polio vaccine, who faced significant challenges during his research process. […]
10 January, 2024

Evidence-Based Design: Transforming Healthcare Architecture for enhanced Patient Experience.

In the world of healthcare architecture, a relatively new approach is gaining ground, aiming to enhance the experience of both patients and healthcare professionals: Evidence-Based Design […]
10 January, 2024
RS_Healing gardens

Healing gardens

This document aims to propose basic yet assertive principles that can serve as a guide for the design of restorative outdoor spaces in social and healthcare […]
10 January, 2024
RS_Visual pollution

Approaching “Visual Pollution” in socio-Health spaces: A perspective from AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

The need to understand the effects that architectural spaces have on living beings and their emotions invites us on this occasion to delve into the issue […]
10 January, 2024

B.I.M methodology– “Beyond Inefficient Modeling”

BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling. However, from our perspective, this working methodology is much more than just modeling for building execution. Through the […]
10 January, 2024
RS_Clinical simulation

The use of Clinical Simulation (CS) as a design strategy

We live in a constantly changing world, and innovation is what drives that change. Having an innovative mindset is not just a skill but a force […]
9 January, 2024

Innovation in Emergency Hospitals: The POP-UP Architecture

In a world marked by various emergency situations, the ability to provide immediate and effective responses is essential. The combination of emergency architecture and the “pop-up” […]
9 January, 2024

Healthcare tendences 2024

The trends in the field of health vary and evolve rapidly due to technological advances, changes in health policy, and other factors. However, the most common […]
8 January, 2024

Critical Thinking in Healthcare Architecture

Ahead: From English. Forward, in front, the ability to see beyond. The growing pursuit of improving the well-being of individuals immersed in various processes within socio-health […]
8 January, 2024

Reflections on the Impact of COVID-19 in elderly care facilities

The global pandemic has reminded us of the fragility of life and the interconnectedness we share as human beings. With it, a notable health crisis has […]
8 January, 2024

Healthcare Innovation: Technological vanguard transforms Catalan Hospitals

Just a week ago, the World Economic Forum released the “Global Competitiveness Index“, where Spain stood out for achieving the highest score in Health. This index […]
6 January, 2024
RS_women healthcare

Achitecture, women and health

Last Thursday, we had the honor of participating in the organization and discussion of the second session of the 2020 cycle “Les Dones Fem” (“Women Do”), […]
5 January, 2024
RS_older people

Health Architecture: Designing spaces for the full life of older adults

The world population is aging at an accelerated pace. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be over 2 billion people aged 65 and older […]