Perinatal 01
Mother-baby Day care center and Outpatient area for Perinatal Mental Health
7 April, 2022
Renovations in Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
18 November, 2016

Pediatric Hospitalization. Vall d’Hebron

1209HP 02

Pediatric Hospitalization. University Hospital Vall d’Hebron




Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron. Institut Català de la Salut


890 m2

The hospitalization project is based on the H-shaped circulation scheme, which allows the arrival of natural light in all spaces and at the same time allows us to focus control to optimize the routes and the functionality of the whole area. Architecture aims to focus on the person, in this case, a child, responding to their needs. We have evidence that the built environment directly affects our psyche. In this project, within the set of studies we have focused on the arrival of natural light in all the rooms, including those that remain in the centre of the area. This solution also allows us to open to the out-doors and promote biophilia, helping children recover faster. Following the same dialogue, through the colours and different textures that have been studied by the communication team of the hospital, the aim is to humanize the space and make rooms suitable for the age of the users and to promote that they feel welcomed. for spaces, with fun, cozy and positive spaces.