1185SJ P6M 01
Maternity Area, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital
30 August, 2023
Renovations in Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
18 November, 2016

Clinic Hospital Pain Unit

894HC DOL2 04

Clinic Hospital Pain Unit




Corporació Sanitària Clínic


177 m2

The aim of the project is to develop a space that allows the patient to move with great ease thanks to the signage and assistive factors of the space. A space without architectural barri-ers, which allows accessibility for everyone in each type of space. A collaborative work area is developed in the central area and is open to professionals. Around the work area are server spaces for the patient. The project is based on neuroarchitecture concepts, where the space also encourages patient care and helps convey a sense of well-being and tranquility for their recovery. The solution offers rooms with the highest ceiling height possible depending on the space where it is located, carefully studying the systems and the development of the facilities.