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Maternity Area, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital
30 August, 2023
Renovations in Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
18 November, 2016

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Vall d’Hebron

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Vall d’Hebron Hospital Campus




Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron. Institut Català de la Salut


444,38 m2


Dani Rovira

The area to be renovated is located inside the HUVH Maternal and Child Hospital, located at the northeast end of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital campus, on the north part of Barcelona. The new Neonatology Hospitalization Unit aims to provide a space for the recovery of premature babies and those born out with chronic and complex pathology. The space is treated with special care due to the psychological state of the parents, which directly affects the well-being of their children. The space is structured with a central corri-dor, with direct access to the individual rooms. These rooms have a space that simulates a home environment, with comfortable materials, good furniture, and lighting that promotes people's well-being and calmness. The aim of this space is to ensure that families have as comfortable a stay as possible while they wait for the moment to return home.