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New Surgery & Recovery Area and ICU. Hospital Clinic
17 November, 2016
Renovation of the Intensive Survey Area, Hospital Clinic
17 November, 2016

New Dermatology Service. Hospital Clinic


Renovation of the Dermatology Service,Hospital Clinic


Barcelona, Spain


Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


777 sqm

The renovation of the Dermatology Unit is located on the pavilion 1 on the 4th floor of the Hospital Clínic. It consists of 3 areas: day care, phototherapy and medical offices. The day care area has a room with 6 seats, some rooms for treatments and some medical consultation rooms. The phototherapy area includes the booths to do all the treatments needed. The area of the medical offices integrates all the offices in one big space, with accesses from the phototherapy area and the main corridor of the unit. It is an independent area but it’s accessible from various points of the unit. The phototherapy and the medical area are located on the interior side of the pavilion, overlooking the central patio. Stone arcades are recovered, as well as their wood windows, following the hospital will to recover the original aspect of the building. Materials and colours are being recovered and restored.