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17 November, 2016
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30 May, 2018

Renovation of the Intensive Survey Area, Hospital Clinic


Renovation of the Intensive Survey Area, Hospital Clinic




Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


323 sqm

The renovation of the Intensive Survey Area is located on the pavilion 0 on the 4th floor of the Hospital Clínic. The renovation is a complete change of distribution, together with a demand to integrate high technology applied to architecture. The project is designed to create a reference unit, with the latest medical technology advances, to be integrated on the constructive solutions and architecture details. The unit has 5 single rooms, one of them can work as an isolation room for patients with high risk infections such as ebola. Rooms are situated around the central nursing station, from where all the area is visible. At the back of the nursing station support spaces are located: medical office, technical areas, cleaning and unclean room. Partitions between rooms and corridor are made of automatic sliding glass doors, and partitions between rooms have glass windows. Glass is electropolarized, allowing it to be transparent or opaque depending on each patient needs. There are two interior rooms without windows that can have access to natural light through the glass partitions with the next room. The Intensive Survey Area is in permanent change due to the regular implementation of new technologies. Constructive solutions are versatile enough to accommodate all these changes without making changes of distribution or wall finishes. The unit is in permanent operation and changes must be made without interfering with its functioning.