Renovations in Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
18 November, 2016
Sant Joan de Deu Psychogeriatric Residence
15 November, 2016

Renovation of the Coronary Unit and Day Care Unit


Renovation of the Coronary Unit and Day Care




Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


878 sqm

The renovation of the Coronary Unit is located on the pavilions 0 and 1, on the 6th floor of the Hospital Clínic. It consists of two parts: the day care unit and the critical care unit. The waiting area is the central common space, from where you access to both areas. The day care unit has capacity for 14 patients, and includes all support areas for patients and health professionals. It’s an open space with glass partition walls, allowing natural light to enter to all the space, and at the same time closing spaces individually. The central nursing point allows an optimal functioning of the area. The critical care unit has 10 single rooms for critical patients, and 2 single rooms and 2 double rooms with bathroom for semi-critical patients. Rooms are situated around the central nursing station, from where all the rooms are visible. The nursing station has different areas: working area, medication working area, storage and cleaning area. On the remaining spaces of the unit are located offices and rooms for health professionals and technical areas. Partitions between rooms and corridor are made of automatic sliding glass doors, and partitions between rooms have glass windows. Glass is electropolarized, allowing it to be transparent or opaque according to each patient needs. There are two interior rooms without windows that can have access to natural light through the glass partitions with the next room. The unit enjoys plenty of natural light due to its location on the 6th floor of the building. Natural lighting has been upgraded with glass partitions, and the only closed spaces are bathrooms, lockers and technical areas. Patients are in direct contact with the outside, in a sensitive and visual way.