Renovation of the Immunology Laboratory
17 November, 2016
Master plan of the extension of the Hospital de Huaycán
15 November, 2016

Plastic Surgery Clinic, Tintoré i Brasó


Plastic Surgery Clinic, Tintoré i Brasó


Barcelona, Spain


Tintoré i Brasó


250 sqm


Marta Muela

The refurbishment has achieved a new image for a Clinic in a unique building in the Barcelona city center. Using the essential company concepts of “clean, neutral and close” the spaces has been upgraded by using natural light and a special chromatic range. The new look is the result of balancing the functionality of the different areas and the implementation of greater comfort, warmth and proximity to the customer. The several areas have been structured in an organic way, highlighting the different spaces through rounded and curved carpets that shows the customer’s path. The furniture concept is the use of singular and light pieces, that allow transparent and luminous spaces and also accentuate its height. The lighting is intentionally placed to generate specific atmospheres in each area.