Renovation of the Intensive Survey Area, Hospital Clinic
17 November, 2016
Renovation of the Immunology Laboratory
17 November, 2016

CORE Molecular Biology Laboratory


Laboratory Core Molecular Biology. Pavilions 5 and 9, Interpavilion 7-9, Floor 5




Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


764,64 sqm

The object of the reform is the construction of the robotic laboratory of Molecular Biology in Hall 5 to incorporate, unify and standardize the different types of tests currently performed in the Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Services, Homoeotherapy and Haemostasis and Pathological Anatomy. It is one of the European clinical laboratories of higher technological level and has become an international reference center in automation as well as organization and process management. The reform has managed to order the work surfaces according to the rhythm of the original windows of the nineteenth century, as well as the optimization of the facilities to free part of the roof and recover the historical vaults, greatly improving user comfort.