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Mother-baby Day care center and Outpatient area for Perinatal Mental Health

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Mother-baby Day care center and Outpatient area for Perinatal Mental Health




Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


444 sqm


Dani Rovira

The Perinatal Mental Health care center and outpatient consultations of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is a new space for women who have just become mothers and have a mental health pathology. This model is unique since the mother accesses it with her baby, promoting its recovery through basic tasks together, and thus recovering its daily functionality. Due to the stigma attached to mental health illnesses, the environment doesn’t have to look like a hospital, so the mothers feel like they are at home. The secure environment makes recovery easy. For this, a diaphanous central space has been conceived, like a living room in a house, with a series of corners around it. This large room has adequate furniture to be able to breastfeed, sit down, be able to play, moving away from strictly hospital furniture. The shapes are clear, with neutral and calm colors, with breadth and height, and without many objects that lead to confusion. But without reaching aseptic spaces without any type of stimulation, since this can lead to apathy and lack of stimulation. Another fundamental point of the space is the natural light and the general height. The large windows with views of the sky allow the connection with the outside world, with a great entrance of natural light that helps the temporal orientation and the monitoring of the circadian rhythm of the patients, as well as the babies. This, together with the height of the spaces, creates an atmosphere of spaciousness and tranquility that enhances the positive emotional state of all people. The challenge is to reach a balance where mothers, together with their babies, feel safe, stimulated, and eager to recover.