Renovation of the Intensive Survey Area, Hospital Clinic
17 November, 2016
Renovation of the Immunology Laboratory
17 November, 2016

Hepatic Hemodynamics. Hospital Clinic

Hepatic Hemodynamics. Hospital Clinic




Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


185 sqm


The project of the new Hepatic Hemodynamics, located in inter-pavilion 5-7 of the 3rd floor of the Clinical Hospital, integrates a change in the space of hemodynamics, which are increasing in volume of procedures. This unit is linked to the Hepatic ICU, sharing common spaces in the entrance area.

The unit consists of 2 hemodynamic rooms, with an interior treatment at the level of an operating room: glass walls, furniture integrated into the walls, adequate lighting for interventions, and all the equipment and technology to continue advancing in the study and interventional treatment of liver diseases.

There is also a multifunctional room that serves to prepare the patient or perform complementary tests. The control of the rooms is equipped with several monitors to have a direct monitoring and vision of the patient and the procedure that is performed.