Sant Joan de Deu Psychogeriatric Residence
15 November, 2016
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Master Plan of Clínica Anglo Americana in Lima, Peru
26 July, 2018

New Hospital Clinic at Provença Street

New Hospital Clinic at Provença Street




Corporació Sanitària Clínic


60.379 sqm
9.365 sqm exterior


Roger Paez i Blanch (AiB Estudi d’arquitectes, SLP)

The project proposes an integrated architecture in the grid of the Eixample. However, it reinterprets the relation between the building and the city. The façade is receded from the plot limit, the courtyards at the basement are enlightened, the corner is singled out and the roof is a big garden given to the city for public uses. The pavilions of the existing building of the Hospital Clínic are transposed in the new building as a series of parallel strips that can take continuity toward new buildings of the hospital. Access from the corner gives continuity to the public space, looking for the interior light inside the big atrium at the centre of the building. The units and spaces are organized around it, collecting all its verticality. The façade is composed by a double skin to optimize its thermal and acoustic performance. The outer surface is made of glass, remarkably regular, through which the diversity of the program inside can be seen. As an urban hospital, many different activities are overlapped. The set results in a building with a formal compactness, simplicity and order that are integrated within the context of the Eixample. Once all phases have been completed, singular aspects of the building will enhance its uniqueness as an exceptional item within the city.