Competition for the New VHIR Building Vall de Hebron
30 May, 2017
Multipurpose Hospital Building of the Granollers Hospital Campus
11 January, 2022

Multipurpose Hospital Building of the Parc Taulí Campus


Multipurpose Hospital Building of the Parc Taulí Campus




Servei Català de la Salut


6.994,27 sqm







The aim of the proposal is to provide a global solution that guarantees the technical, economic and term viability of the competition bases, but adding the value of evidence-based design in the field of neuroarchitecture, providing the building spaces that are nice. It focuses specifically about biophilia, bringing vegetation closer to each of the spaces where possible. The exterior image of the building wants to give continuity to the materiality and colours that were used in the day in the building extension of External Consultations, executed by Estudi PSP. To improve the experience of the professionals, we have moved the access of the building from the adjacent street to the porch, so that a pre-protected space is created as a transition between the exterior and the interior where the work is done. It is a rest area where professionals have a decompression area before and after the activity, surrounded by greenery and views over the river Ripoll. This space stretches along the side street like a park, creating spaces with benches and trees for all the hospital staff. It is a particularly suitable place for summer as the protection from the sun and vegetation helps to create a cooler microclimate than the environment. In winter, however, the evergreen leaves of the trees allow the sun to reach during the sunniest hours. Because of the relationship between patients and outer space. We have designed the windows so that it is possible to see the landscape from the bed for the maximum number of patients, and this configuration allows four beds in each cluster to have a position parallel to the facade, facilitating the view of the environment. and improving sense of direction. Large openings have been created in the remaining spaces on the landing of the stairs to facilitate the view to the outside. In front of the lifts there is a view over the roofs of Santa Fe and towards the Parc Taulí. From the west staircase a decompression space has been created that professionals can use as an outdoor rest in the units, and the staircase opens onto the river Ripoll with wall-to-wall openings with a large window which helps to perceive the environment, almost as if the stairs were outside.