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17 November, 2016
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17 November, 2016

Clinic of Applied biological Medicine “Exolife”

200206-EstudiPSP EXOLIFE Baixa 006

Clinic of Applied biological Medicine “Exolife”


Barcelona, Spain


Bioexocell S.L.


419 sqm


Dani Rovira


The action has carried out the adaptation of an unused local for the new clinic of applied biology, with a functional program of medical consultations, treatment area and a laboratory.

The values of the clinic are transmitted to the materials used, especially with the use of wood in vertical walls, neutral and natural colors in pavements and other coatings. We have considered both the functionality of the different areas for the development of the activity and the implementation of more comfort, warmth and proximity to the client. The entrance space and waiting area are located on the facade to provide maximum natural light, and at the same time the waiting spaces are visible from the outside.

The implementation of the furniture follows the same line, understood as singular pieces that are in specific places, generating characteristic atmospheres in each of the areas.