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Estudi PSP Arquitectura – Finalists in the Advanced Architecture Awards 2019
23 September, 2019
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50 years of architecture. 1969-2019
21 November, 2019

37th Edition of the Hospital Engineering Seminar – National Congress


During the 37th Edition of the Seminar of Hospital Engineering – National Congress held last week in Cadiz, Estudi PSP Arquitectura participated in a round table entitled “THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE FIVE SENSES”. On this occasion we wanted to talk about the importance that is acquiring the need to take special care when choosing building materials and finishes in health spaces in order to improve health in patients, to provide better spaces for professionals and to ensure a more satisfactory user experience.

The Congress highlighted the task done by the Hospital Universitari de la Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona and awarded Eduardo Martínez Herrera with the second prize for his presentation: Smart ICU: A transformative idea in reality. We are proud to see that the projects we participate with, are becoming a reference for innovation in health. Congratulations team!