La Vanguardia Fàrmac Càncer
La Vanguardia. A new cancer drug
29 March, 2019
SEDISA foto grupo
XXI Nacional Congress of Hospitals and Health Management. 8th, 9th and 10th of May 2019, Santiago de Compostela
13 May, 2019

El País. Curing and Caring

El Pais Cuidar además de curar

Humanizing health care, putting yourself in the shoes of patients to improve processes and services that make their stay pleasant, but above all human, has become a priority for most hospitals, care and assistance centers. The effectiveness of clinical advances, supported by a growing life expectancy and an improvement in the cure rates of patients after clinical treatments, should also be supported by an improvement in the social field and care for the patient.

Not only that, humanizing spaces helps to improve the patient’s stay and recovery, and the conditions of the professional’s workspace. In Estudi PSP Arquitectura, we have been working this concept for years now, designing spaces for people, healthier and more human, helping to improve the experience for patients and professionals working there.