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Bloomberg. These Are the World’s Healthiest Nations

190306 Bloomberg_World’s Healthiest Nations

The result of the Bloomberg 2019 Healthiest Country Index recently published, shows Spain standing at the top of the list, after rising 5 positions compared to the previous edition in 2017.

This study assesses, among other points, the life expectancy of its inhabitants and access to primary care to provide preventive services. Favourable eating habits and environmental factors have helped to reduce deaths from cardiovascular problems and cancer in Spain during the last years. According to studies by 2040, Spain will increase life expectancy up to 86 years, surpassing Japan, Singapore and Switzerland.

We are proud of this achievement and encourage the effort made over the last few years to make health more accessible to all citizens. As always, we will continue working together with the institutions to develop these projects, incorporating new global trends and the latest techniques to better serve citizens and to create human spaces.

Sources: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-24/spain-tops-italy-as-world-s-healthiest-nation-while-u-s-slips